Advice on having cosmetic surgery by Sydney Surgeon

Most of us are quite happy with the way we look. However, there

Looking for a Physiotherapist? Read reviews first!

Toronto, Ontario – A Toronto based startup recently launched Rate My Physiotherapist, a

Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Personalized Cancer Medicine

One of the most talked about topics in the health and medicine field today is the concept of personalized medicine, where a specific drug treatment is prescribed for a patient

EUROSPINE unites the finest minds in spinal healthcare

EUROSPINE unites the finest minds in spinal healthcare. The members from 67+ countries are bringing a high level of training, experience and expertise with them. EUROSPINE represents the best of educators,

How to Give Home Aromatherapy Massages

Choose the right oils, and position your massage partner on a massage table, face down, on their stomach.

Prevent Hospital-Acquired Delirium

We’re all familiar with hospital-acquired infections such as MRSA or staph infections. But what about hospital-acquired delirium? Many people have never heard of this condition and yet research shows it

Child Mental Health: Managing Homework

As a parent, there is no doubt you have experienced the dynamics of homework as it relates to your child’s education. In many public school settings, homework is a vital

My Fear of Dentists and How I Manage It

A little browsing on the web tells me that I have dental fear, not dental anxiety or dental phobia, and that my fear is caused by external sources (the other

5 Unexpected Health Benefits of Running

The year was 1987. The class — 9th grade physical education. All week long I dreaded Friday’s activity. We were going to run the mile. I’d never run a mile

Advice on Doctors for the Undiagnosed

When I had to secure a new general practitioner recently, I was reminded of how taxing finding a good doctor can be when you have a mystery diagnosis