Beauty and Skin Care for Menopausal Women

Menopause is a time when you should take care of your skin and maintain its beauty levels. Skin is a very sensitive area of the body and is related a lot to the way in which hormones are secreted. During menopause, there are many hormonal shifts, which lead to your skin getting dry and dull.

So your skin starts sagging and it loses all the elastic and collagen that normally takes care of the wrinkles, lustre, and radiance. Exactly how best could you maintain yourself and what is it that you have to do to take care of your skin during menopause.

Exercise is the key to good healthy. A very important part of everyday life, all women who are above 35 should exercise well and should make it a part of their daily routine. They should walk at least for half an hour a day. Exercise increases the blood circulation and also gives oxygen to your tissues. The skin is hydrated due to exercise.


Diet is the second factor that maintains the levels in your skin. You should have carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins into form of regular food. You must have the practice of green vegetables with every meal. Most of the diet should have lean protein and then you should also include fats. Salt is not a necessity and the lesser the better.

Water is the universal cure for all problems. Drink at least eight glasses of water every day and enjoy the way in which this flushes out the toxins from your systems. Mineral water is very good for health.

Exfoliation is necessary during menopause. Women should exfoliate their skin by pushing it gently. This brings back the lost shine in the skin and removes all the dead cells. It also helps to give oxygen back to the skin.

Skin collects a lot of debris and it prepares to get sick if it is ridden with such rubbish. So your job when you are at a menopausal age is to ensure that you are keeping it well hydrated and clear of rubbish. Make sure that you treat the skin with an antioxidant. Most of the antioxidants are all anti ageing but and they help to protect your skin well. Have lot of vitamin A, vitamin C, green tea, and you can be assured you would be rid of most of the toxins.

The skin becomes dry during menopause and thus it becomes important that there should be a proper moisturizer. This would protect the skin and also retain the quality of the skin. Use a broad spectrum sunscreen lotion and enjoy a beautiful and supple skin.

If you are allergic to any kind of cream, do not apply it, and make sure, you consult the doctor before you start any serious medication.

Skin is a very important part of the body and provides you with the best reasons. Make sure that you are taking care of it well enough for people to be happy.