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Yoga during Teens

Teenage is a time when there is lot of stress and changes due to the constant fluctuation of hormones. A new study shows that there is a connection between yoga during teens. Basically intended to relax, meditate,

Get Rid of Joint and Muscle Pains in no Time With the Use of Portable Tens Units

In the recent times, ailments are going on rising in people. Most common of these ailments are joint pains, muscle pains and neurological disorders. Out of many methods of treatments to cure pain, electrotherapy is one of

Shoulder back posture support for correcting your posture

You can retain good posture by using a posture brace or posture support. Posture braces are used for addressing poor control in your lower back, mid upper back and shoulders during the phase when you do not

Increase Your Fitness With These Short But Intense Workouts

For some people that are time constrained, it can be almost impossible to work out for 45 minutes to an hour, not to mention the lack of time for showering and travelling to and from the gym.

5 Unexpected Health Benefits of Running

The year was 1987. The class — 9th grade physical education. All week long I dreaded Friday’s activity. We were going to run the mile. I’d never run a mile in my life and I didn’t care

You became a diver – what now?

People who have been diving for a long time know how this feels. You have experienced many different sets of conditions, currents, visibility, diving operations, ship captains and friends. There comes a moment, like it does with