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Vaccinations: why it is mandatory in children

Born babies have limited immunity. Though babies are not completely helpless, while in womb they get antibodies from the mother and also when they are breastfed they get some kind of protection because of breast milk from

Voice production

Ear, nose, and throat specialists are trained as engineers. Ludovic Biyong studied computing engineering, concentrating on voice box movement. One of the greatest experts in jet noise is in the same research field as Biyong.

3 Flu Vaccine Talking Points for Locums

The start of school and cooler temperatures means the annual push to encourage people to get the flu vaccine. For the family medicine locum, there may be little urgency to make sure patients are vaccinated given that

Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Personalized Cancer Medicine

One of the most talked about topics in the health and medicine field today is the concept of personalized medicine, where a specific drug treatment is prescribed for a patient based on that patient’s particular genetic profile.

Prevent Hospital-Acquired Delirium

We’re all familiar with hospital-acquired infections such as MRSA or staph infections. But what about hospital-acquired delirium? Many people have never heard of this condition and yet research shows it is becoming more common in America.

Advice on Doctors for the Undiagnosed

When I had to secure a new general practitioner recently, I was reminded of how taxing finding a good doctor can be when you have a mystery diagnosis