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Yoga during Teens

Teenage is a time when there is lot of stress and changes due to the constant fluctuation of hormones. A new study shows that there is a connection between yoga during teens. Basically intended to relax, meditate,

Child Mental Health: Managing Homework

As a parent, there is no doubt you have experienced the dynamics of homework as it relates to your child’s education. In many public school settings, homework is a vital part of the academic progress, bridging lessons

Differences Among Mental Health Professionals

There is a lot of misinformation and confusion associated with the mental health field. Movies, television, and other media only add to the problem. Such sources frequently confuse job titles such as Psychiatrist , Psychologist and Counselor.

How to Find the Best Mental Health Therapist for You

Finding a mental health therapist is about as pleasurable as locating a dentist. Should you opt for a counselor, psychiatrist, psychologist or head for a support group? How do you tell a competent mental health therapist from