EUROSPINE unites the finest minds in spinal healthcare

EUROSPINE unites the finest minds in spinal healthcare. The members from 67+ countries are bringing a high level of training, experience and expertise with them. EUROSPINE represents the best of educators, clinicians and researchers of spinal excellence in Europe and beyond. The society is experiencing remarkable growth, carries out leading research, and clinical studies presented at its meetings and events are of the highest quality. Most importantly, EUROSPINE is attracting the next generation of skilled men and women and supports young researchers with highly attractive support programmes.

In 2015 EUROSPINE established EuSSAB, the European Spine Societies Advisory Board, to provide a common umbrella and communication platform where national societies can meet and connect on a regular basis as equal partners – defining common goals, identifying challenges and developing strategies to address them. Once a society becomes a member of EuSSAB as a EUROSPINE Institutional Member, all of its members automatically become EUROSPINE Associate Members at no additional cost. Since the inaugural meeting in Lyon in late 2014, 22 national societies representing approximately 6,700 spine surgeons from across Europe have joined EUROSPINE as Institutional Members.

Meetings in Barcelona and Copenhagen brought together representatives from many countries with varying economic and cultural backgrounds, enabling the research community to learn from and support each other. The meetings have been highly productive, identifying common issues, such as standardised education and the establishment of a pan-European Spine Diploma.

Over the past 12 months, EUROSPINE has made great advances in developing a comprehensive new education programme that offers innovative learning opportunities for spine specialists at all stages of their careers. The society’s approach is one of lifelong learning that encompasses best-practice techniques, research and quality assessment, enabling participants to excel in patient care and safety. It is EUROSPINE’s ultimate goal to establish an accredited European Spine Certification.

The YouTube channel of EUROSPINE is providing colorful impressions from all conferences as well as giving you an in-depth view into the activities of the society and last but not least offering information for spine patients (Patient Line). Follow EUROSPINE on YouTube and you will be up to date with spinal research and healthcare by receiving the society’s latest news.

It is EUROSPINE’s goal to exceed 1 000 members in 2016. If you are interested in working with talented specialists and sharing new ideas and techniques, please join this dynamic organisation!