Hair Loss Treatments for Men

The American Hair Loss Association has estimated that nearly eighty-five percent of males would experience considerable hair loss on reaching fifty years of age. Several males would start losing hair even prior to turning twenty-one years of age.

Hair Loss Fallacies

Myths about using base ball cap, passing fingers into the hair or even getting your hair combed, brushed, twisted or styled does not cause balding. However one must steer clear from excessively roughing up the hair to avert hair breaking down.

Hair Loss Treatments for Men

Cease smoking and salvage your mane

Numerous research outcomes have found a major association in-between hastened and aggravated male pattern balding and smoking. Hence, in case one is on the hunt for a reason to cease smoking it couldn’t get more convincing and pressing than this.

Hair loss and Health

Providentially, in majority of the scenarios, alopecia (hair loss) does not indicate a medical condition and does not pose any health risk. However apprehensions run high about hair fall’s effect on initial impression or being bald making one appear old.

Hair Loss Causes

Over ninety-five percent cases of hair loss in males are because of a heritable attribute. The gene could be either from the mother or the father’s side. In other situations, some medicines or intake of excess vitamin A or protein deficiency in the body could lead to hair fall. Drastic hair fall is called as telogen effluvium that is linked to some ailment or being stressed. Among males hair loss which is not because of male pattern balding is mostly self-reversible.

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Hair Loss Treatment:


Though the male pattern baldness could not be cured, it could be slowed down by opting for some hair loss treatments. Minoxidil is an OTC (over-the-counter) medicine that has garnered the FDA nod and is to be applied to the scalp region. It helps in slowing the rate at which hair fall occurs among males and several males even have new-fangled hair growth. However hair loss would return when its use is stopped.


In case of male pattern balding, DHT hormone is produced that is causal to hair follicle shrinkage. Ultimately, follicle reduction occurs to that extent that no further hair growth could occur in them.

Finasteride is a tablet prescribed for slackening DHT being produced in the body and as a result several males have even cited novel hair growth when using it. Generally, it is deemed to be more effectual as compared to minoxidil. Expectant mothers must not be handling this medication as it has been found to be causal to birth anomalies in a male fetus. Benefits of finasteride hair loss treatments are found to last till the time the medicine is continued.

Hair Transplant

Healthy hair from the sides or the rear of the head is transplanted to the crown for restoring an innate appearance. Hair transplant could be expensive and one might have to undergo a number of hair loss treatments sessions. A couple of months after the procedure, shedding of majority of the hair transplantation would occur, however new-fangled hair would re-grow and in 6 months time the hair would start to appear normal.