How to Give Home Aromatherapy Massages

Choose the right oils, and position your massage partner on a massage table, face down, on their stomach.

Steps to get started:

→ Oil your hands, and gently rub the oil onto your partner’s back so it becomes moist.

→ Stimulate your partner’s back, shoulders, arms and legs in a series of manual massage strokes as needed.

→ Communicate with them throughout, asking them how they feel, while paying attention to how they respond to the massage moves.

→ Repeat as needed for approximately one hour.


Tips on How-to Give Amazing DIY Home Aromatherapy Massages:

Health Benefits:

♦ Stress relief through relaxation and sustained physical contact, as well as the tranquil atmosphere of a massage room

♦ Pain relief, including pain from arthritis, overwork, and disabilities

♦ Skin care through skin moisturizing and stimulation

♦ Anti-aging, through improvements to the skin’s outer appearance and stress relief

♦ Reduction in the pain from headaches through tension relief

♦ Reduction in the symptoms from dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, and other skin conditions

♦ Clearing of the sinuses

How to DIY Home Aromatherapy Massages


Essential-Aromatherapy-Oils-and-Candles♦ Typical oils used in aromatherapy massage have many herbal ingredients, including lavender, ylang ylang, geranium, eucalyptus, juniper berry and chamomile. They are sometimes used concurrently with bath salts.

♦ Using the right massage table can be important. It can be difficult to get comfortable on a sofa or other type of household furniture. People without access to a designated massage table should modify existing furniture to match the basic specifications.

♦ Avoid using too much massage oil: less is more, and no one wants to feel like they are being marinated by accident. Having too much oil on your skin at any one time can be uncomfortable. For added precaution, the oil should be diluted with water prior to application. Otherwise, there is a great chance of the oil irritating the massage partner’s skin.

♦ Oils should never get into your massage partner’s eyes. Take precaution while massaging their faces with oily hands. Instruct them to rinse out their eyes with water immediately if any oil should make contact anyway.

♦ People vary in their preferences for scents. Test certain scents with your massage partner first to make sure they like the smell of the oil. People with allergies may have special requirements, and you should always consult with your partner to see what allergies they may have.

♦ Many people like candles and background music to create the right ambiance during a massage. Setting the scene is very important, as is removing background noise and excess vibrations.

♦ Professional massage therapists would be best equipped to perform a safe aromatherapy massage. Licensed massage therapists sometimes give lessons to the public on how to give aromatherapy massages.

♦ People should always consult their physician before trying anything new and medically intensive.

♦ Using mineral oil or baby oil will clog your massage client’s pores and cause skin problems. Choosing the right oils is paramount. Oils will vary substantially in their effects. Natural oils are preferable over artificial ones, both due to the greater health benefits and better texture.

♦ People in sensitive populations, including pregnant women and people under the age of eighteen, are especially advised to consult their physicians before trying any massage.

♦ People with too much muscular inflammation are advised to reconsider getting a massage. Sometimes massaging an inflamed area can cause too much aggravation and make the problem worse.

♦ After the massage, people should avoid too much strenuous activity, and get a nice drink of water or herbal tea.

♦ Using handheld electronic massagers is inappropriate for this particular massage, given the changes to the texture of the skin while receiving the massage.

♦ Aromatherapy massages can be a great way to bring couples together, and a unique way for them to show affection as long as they are responsible.

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