Increase Your Fitness With These Short But Intense Workouts

For some people that are time constrained, it can be almost impossible to work out for 45 minutes to an hour, not to mention the lack of time for showering and travelling to and from the gym. This is where quick 10 minute workouts can be an effective solution to balancing your fitness needs with your hectic lifestyle.

These types of workouts are short but intense, allowing busy people to access muscle toning, calorie burning and strength building workouts, without taking up a lot of time. Often people will use them to squeeze in a few ten minute workout sessions throughout the day and night, while others just perform ten minutes of exercise whenever they can. But, regardless of your schedule, our top, 10 minute workouts will help balance a busy schedule with your health and fitness.


Skipping Rope is a Great Exercise

Old-fashioned forms of exercise, like you learned in gym class, are tried-and-true ways to boost fitness without putting in a lot of time. Skipping is an old-fashioned form of exercise and is a great way to quickly boost your heart rate, tone your body and to burn calories effectively. Since skipping ropes are cheap and easy to find, this type of ten-minute workout will also be very cost-effective. To really get the most out of this exercise, choose an intense pace (amount of skips per minute) perform those skips within a minute, have a break for 30 seconds and then repeat 6 to 7 times. If you want to, you can jump rope inside or outside. No matter your preference, you’ll find that you’re able to work up a sweat in no time.

 skipping rope

Do Classic Push-ups

Using your own body as resistance will give you the power to build strength and develop lean muscle, without the need for additional weights. It’s all about pushing yourself past plateaus. If you haven’t mastered the art of the push-up, you should know that there are plenty of instructions and tutorials online. Using these instructions and tutorials will be helpful, as perfect form is the key to getting the most from your push-ups. Try doing failure repetitions (perform as many push-ups as you can, until you can’t do any more in that set), having a break for 1 minute and repeating the process another 4 times. This type of exercise will be quite intense and will leave you sore the next day. To help with the soreness and recovery try eating more protein or taking a health product like this one.

 Push it

Go for a Short and Fast Run

Running is great exercise. It pushes the body and doesn’t cost any money. If you want excellent fitness benefits in no time flat, you should think about going for a fast run around the block, for just ten minutes. Lace up your sneakers, make sure you stretch and do a quick run in order to release tension, build strength and burn calories. This type of cardio exercise is great for your heart and it will also contribute to better mood throughout the day.