Lichen Planus – A Rare Skin Disorder

Lichen Planus is a disease of the skin which causes a prickly rash on the skin or in the mouth.

People often speculate the cause of this skin disorder. When immunity system of the body starts working against our own body, one is at a risk of lichen planus. There are generally eight types of lichen planus and of which only three are common and they are Popular, Hypertrophicus and erosive.


When you are affected by this disease, you get purple itchy skin lesions and the mouth and the genitals of the person get affected, and at times the body may affect the nails and the scalp.

Since lichen planus is an auto immune disease, the person’s immune system reacts through the skin.

Some of the indicators of this skin disease are-

Blisters, Burning sensation, Mouth lichen planus affects the interiors of the cheeks and can also appear on tongue, lips, and gums. Lesions sometimes form painful ulcers. There is peeling on the gums, dry mouth, and difficulty in eating, metallic taste in the mouth. Men are more at risk of this disease in comparison to women.

The common precautionary measures which need to be taken are as follows:

  • Keep your stress levels in limit.
  • Try not to scratch and cover the affected part of the skin with bandage
  • Use cool gels to control the itching.