Looking for a Physiotherapist? Read reviews first!

Toronto, Ontario – A Toronto based startup recently launched Rate My Physiotherapist, a website that allows users to submit ratings and reviews for Physiotherapists all over the world. So before walking into a Physiotherapy clinic, read reviews and ratings for physiotherapists in your area!

Rate My Physiotherapist currently hosts over a hundred thousand profiles of Physiotherapists and Clinics all over the world. User can also submit a profile easily if it does not already exist.


It is easy to find reviews for Doctors, Dentists, Professors and even Employers. But when it comes to Physiotherapists, there isn’t much out there. Hence, this website is aimed to address this need will [more details about what consumers can expect from this website, including what services it will provide, if any].

[More details, with maybe a specific story about something exciting the website will do and/or provide]

[More details, which might include a quote from a pertinent individual related to the launch, or even from a consumer excited about the new site].

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