Steps to Saving Your Gall Bladder

After seeing my mother go through pain associated with gall bladder disease, and then realizing that it was somewhat genetic, I have taken some steps to avoid getting the disease myself. When my mom had her surgery, I cringed. The thought of surgery makes me weak, and if I could prevent it, then I would! On top of that, the gall bladder is essential in maintaining a healthy weight, so here are the steps I take to prevent gall bladder disease.

Watch the fats

It is important to watch how much fat is in your diet. The more fat that goes into your stomach, the more bile your gall bladder has to send out. Overworking your bladder by eating too much fat will lead to gall bladder disease. For this reason, I try to count all the fat grams I am consuming in a day to make sure I am not putting too much into my body.


No crazy diets

This one is hard as a girl, because I always feel like I need to be on a diet. After college, though, I realized that diets impact my chance of getting gall bladder disease. Just like too much activity leads to the disease, inactivity will, too. In the past when I was on a diet, I would skip some meals, leaving my gall bladder without a job. When this happens, the bile then sits in the bladder creating stones. Just like other muscles that need exercise, your gall bladder is no different.

What to eat

It’s clear that too much unhealthy fat is bad for your gall bladder, but eating the proper amount of fat, protein, and vegetables will lower your chances of gall bladder disease. For this reason, I eat a fair amount of good fats like avocados, and less fat from meat. I also get in my daily amount of protein and grains. A diet high in nuts, plant sources, and fruits are essential. Come to find out, that food pyramid that I grew up ignoring really is important!

Avoiding diabetes

It seems so many health problems are related to each other, and that seems to be the case for diabetes and gall bladder disease. Diabetes runs rampant in my family, so I watch my sugar and food intake like a hawk, and now I have another reason to try my hardest not to get diabetes. Diabetics have trouble regulating their insulin and triglycerides. Both of these components change the composition of the bile which leads to stone formation.