Yoga during Teens

Teenage is a time when there is lot of stress and changes due to the constant fluctuation of hormones. A new study shows that there is a connection between yoga during teens. Basically intended to relax, meditate, and bring down the stress levels, yoga focuses on breathing exercises along with various yoga poses.

Students are given many psychological tests for problems like mood fluctuation, anxiety, and expression of anger. It was seen over a period of time that those children who did yoga scored high on the tests and showed a proper disposition and attitude towards life and the various problems associated with it.

Teenage yoga

People who did not do yoga showed more negative emotions than the rest and the teens who were under the influence of yoga were the ones who showed maximum positive results. Yoga serves as a preventive measure to maintain adolescent health. Yoga helps to improve the self confidence and boosts the self esteem of a person. There is a constant and regular maintenance of yoga and yogic exercises and it is only one way of exerting the power of mind into action.

Yoga improves the defensive mechanism within and builds up the stamina to face all odds in life. Teaching yoga to the teenagers is good during the transformative stages. Teenagers are generally risk takers and love to rebel and are usually aggressive. Yoga helps to bring down this aggression and allows them to focus properly on a particular issue so that they can always achieve success. It makes them more physically aware. The bodies grow not only spiritually but also show the best ways of achieving goals in the right manner.


Teens generally tend to be very lethargic and protest when asked to do something. Yoga gives them the benefits of having self control and gives them many reasons to be confident about.

Yoga during teens is a good way of ensuring that the teens grow up well and proper through their growing years.